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 Kings Equipment buys, sells and trades used agriculture equipment all over the USA and internationally. We have an extensive network of dealerships, equipment brokers and farmers that we buy, sell and trade hundreds of used machines and used implements with each year. Kings Equipment  can get the best price for its customers because of the volume of business we do.  No machines are too small or too big for Kings. We will get the lowest price in the agriculture market.



 Kings Equipment also buys millions of dollars in agricultural parts each year; therefore, we can service our customers with OEM, after-market, and used parts at a competitive price.



 Kings Equipment also can handle all of your logistic needs. Whether it’s transporting a cotton picker or combine across the country or sending sprayers or headers overseas, we have a wide network of trucks, containers, and export prep warehouses on the Pacific and Atlantic coasts.  

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Kings Equipment LLC

1226 Brinton Road, Braddock Hills, PA 15221

Phone: 412-999-5642 Email: kingseq@yahoo.com